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Puno and the Uros floating Islands

  • Plaza de Armas Puno

  • Sillustani Puno

  • Lago Titicaca Puno

  • Taquile Puno

  • Amantani Puno

Summary of Tour

The city of Puno is located in the Collao Plateau in the territory of the collas and tiahuanacos in the highland region. Puno is also the most important lacustrine port of Peru. It has a strategic location between the cities of Cusco and La Paz Bolivia.

At ancient times Puno next to what is now Bolivia, were part of the territory of the Tiwanaku culture, later on formed part of the Inca Empire.

In Puno we have many places of historical value as the temple of the Falos in Chucuito, beautiful churches, colonial-style mansions.

Puno is also considered the Folkloric Capital of Peru and America, due to its colorful and rich dances that exceed 350, music, customs and legends.

The main attraction of Puno is the Titicaca Lake whose extension includes part of Peru and Bolivia. Here we find the famous floating islands of the Uros, an amazing archipelago of artificial islands made of layers of totora, inhabited by the Uros, descendants of one of the oldest cultures of the continent. In the islands of Taquile and Amantani we can enjoy authentic vivencial tourism.

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