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About Us

When we created P&P Tours, we had in mind to fulfill our desired goal: To provide a magical and unforgettable experience for our visitors.

We seek to be ambassadors of our country, intermediaries between tourists and our rich cultural and natural heritage. Ensuring the comfort of our guests at all times and the highest quality of services rendered.
We are proud to know that our country Peru is becoming very popular, our cuisine is unique, our archaeological wealth and natural resources astonishes the world,  and what better than us a Peruvian company to help our country to grow and become known for many more people worldwide.
P&P Tours offers quality private tourist services at a fair price.


Because from the moment you contact us we are committed to you, to design a program that suits your interests and at the same time exceed your expectations and we give you our word that you will have a tailor made itinerary designed just for you.


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