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Moray & Salt Mines of Maras

  • Andenes Moray

  • Salineras de Maras

  • Moray Tour

Places worth to visit. Moray is a group of concentric circular shape terraces that according to studies fulfilled the role of laboratory or agricultural experimentation place of the Inca period, where the idea was to recreate different life zones or ecosystems for domestication and acclimatization of plants.

The salt ponds are located in the district of Maras, it is a kind of salt mine which mineral obtained in the place is used since pre-Inca times, is located in a mountain on which were built more than 3,000 ponds not so deep, which are fed by salt water that comes from an underground spring, the salt is obtained by the process of evaporation of water.

Duration: Half day.

What to bring: Clothing according to the season, comfortable walking shoes, water, sunscreen and a good camera to take the best pictures.

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